Please read our full policy here:

Attendance Policy.pdf

Christ Church Infant & Nursery School promotes the view that regular attendance is essential to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all of our children. We are committed to working with parents and other agencies to achieve the above. We feel the whole school community takes responsibility for attendance.

Response to absence:

If any child has not been registered or the school has not been notified about a child’s absence, the office will contact the parent/ carer on the first morning of the absence. If the parent notifies the school of a child’s reason for absence, but the child continues to be absent for more than a week then an update check will be made by the school in the form of a phone call or letter if no response.

If an absence is unexplained the school will write to parents for an explanation.

If the child continues to be absent then details will be passed to the Head who will meet with parents and/or consider a referral to the LA/other agencies

Any absence considered not to be justified will remain unauthorised.

A series of unauthorised absences or persistent absence will result in a meeting with the Head and a potential referral as above


School starts at 8:50 am and school classroom doors are shut at 9.00 am.

Lateness is classed as any child coming into school after 9:00am and before the end of the morning session. All children arriving after 9.00 am must report to the office and a reason logged.  Lateness is monitored. Where children have persistent lateness problems, the Head will invite the parents into school to a meeting to discuss applicable support measures as appropriate.